How to open applications on Samsung with the power key

Adjust Samsung Power Key

The power key on Samsung phones supports many different tasks, such as opening applications on the phone. Users can set which applications they want to open quickly on Samsung phones through the power key on the phone. This power key also has the option to adjust the action and action content you want to assign … Read more

How to use Animoji on any iPhone and Android phone

Thanks to the MrrMrr app, you can use Animoji on any iPhone (iPhone 5s, 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus) and Android running 5.0 or higher. go up. Animoji is one of the most talked about features when thinking about the iPhone X. It’s an interesting feature, and … Read more

Unexpected benefits of ear massage every day

Ear massage reduces stress

Stress, anxiety, headaches or drowsiness – most of us have these unpleasant moments from time to time. Don’t worry too much, the solution here is very simple – massage your ears every day! If you know how to massage your ears, you can really relax your mind, relieve stress and physical fatigue. The best thing … Read more

The mysterious Great Dark Spot on Neptune has been observed from Earth for the first time

Orbiting nearly 3 million miles from the sun, Neptune is distant from Earth. However, thanks to the development of science and technology, observing and studying this planet is becoming more and more convenient. Using the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT), international astronomers recently observed a large dark spot in Neptune’s atmosphere, besides a smaller bright … Read more

Microsoft kills WordPad, removing the application from Windows in upcoming updates


It has been 28 years since Microsoft officially announced WordPad, the successor to a classic text editor called Microsoft Write. WordPad appeared as part of Windows 95, Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system at the time. Since then, WordPad has been available in every release of Windows, providing users with basic text editing capabilities, supporting … Read more

How to fix "Access Control Entry Is Corrupt" error on Windows

Your computer has what is called an Access Control List (ACL). Its job is to tell Windows which resources, such as files and folders, users can access on your computer. If something corrupts the ACL, you may encounter an “Access Control Entry Is Corrupted” error when trying to access certain resources on Windows. The following … Read more