4 Android Launcher for Seniors

Smartphones have become an indispensable item in modern life. For most users, using a mobile phone is quite easy. However, for the elderly, the elderly, smartphones are still too confusing and difficult to use for them. Taking this into account, developers have come up with phones specifically designed for these audiences. In addition, you can also customize the look of your phone using apps called Launchers.

Launcher for Android helps change the entire look and feel of Android devices, making them easier to use. Here are the Launchers designed for the elderly.

Grand Launcher

holder 4 Android Launcher for Seniors

Grand Launcher has no epic IU configuration, no impressive design. It prioritizes the tools that are most important to the user such as phone, SMS, photos, and flashlight.

Everything on the phone is displayed on icons, icons, letters, … big, clear. Red notification icons pop up on a blue background indicating missed calls or new messages. The virtual keyboard displays the letters in alphabetical order. You can also customize the settings to change to the familiar QWERTY.

The application costs 97,000 VND.

Necta Launcher

Necta Launcher is designed specifically for the elderly. The application changes everything on the Android interface with large, easy-to-see icons. Apps on the home screen are clearly labeled with large fonts. Necta also simplifies Android system settings and extends the dial pad.

In addition, the Necta has an SOS function that calls an emergency contact and a function to send the location to specified contacts via the GPS application.

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holder 4 Android Launcher for Seniors

The downside of Necta is the limit of 4 topics. You can only change the color of IU.

Big Launcher

Big Launcher is designed for people who want to simplify their smartphone. Everything on the screen is very large, the icons are clear, easier to distinguish. This helps a lot for people with low vision.

holder 4 Android Launcher for Seniors

On the main screen of Big Launcher will be the most necessary applications. They’ve all been tweaked to turn icons into text, making them larger and easier to read. It even sends full-screen notifications, ensuring missed calls or messages get immediate attention.

Big Launcher has both free and premium versions. The free version will limit the number of messages sent and the level of user interface customization. You should install and experience before deciding to upgrade.

Wiser Launcher

Wiser Launcher is suitable for the elderly, people with low vision and children. Similar to other launchers, Wiser also completely changes the Android interface, making navigation simpler and easier. On Wiser there will be only four sections: Home Page, Notice Board, Favorite People and Applications.

holder 4 Android Launcher for Seniors

The Wiser home screen has the six most used apps: Contacts, Phone, Messages, Camera, Gallery, and Applications. Large and colorful app icons. The user interface is divided into three different pages.

Swipe the home screen from left to right to open Favorite People. Here, users can add frequent contacts. Swipe right again to open the Apps page. On this page you can pin your most used apps. Finally, swipe the home screen from right to left to open the Notification Panel. Here you can view unread messages, emails and other notifications. The back button is also clearly displayed.

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