6 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera settings you need to change

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the flagship smartphone of the year from the Korean technology giant. Equipped with a 200MP main camera, the phone can take stunning photos regardless of lighting conditions. But by changing some camera settings, you can improve your photography experience from the S23 Ultra.

So, if you already own a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, check and change the following camera settings.

Thanks to Samsung’s processing, the Galaxy S23 Ultra applies a large amount of skin smoothing on all photos. If you’re not a fan of this feature, you can turn off the beauty filter to reduce this effect. Here’s how:

However, this will not affect the skin smoothing effect for photos taken from the front camera. You need to turn off its beauty filter separately. The steps remain the same as above, but you must switch to the front camera before following.

If you like taking pictures from the front camera, check out some tips for taking better selfies from your smartphone.

Unlike most Android phones and iPhones, Samsung lets you customize a lot of the image processing. Besides tweaking the beauty filter, you can customize photos from the selfie camera to look more natural or warmer.

The natural look will make selfies taken from your Galaxy S23 Ultra look much closer to reality. However, you may not like this look because the colors and contrast will not be enhanced much. For that striking effect, switch to warm tones for your selfies.

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra can record videos at up to 8K resolution at 30fps. Thanks to the new 200MP main camera and faster Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, the phone can record significantly better videos than its predecessor. To get the most out of your phone’s video capabilities, you must record videos with HDR10+ enabled.

For those who don’t know, HDR10+ is a High Dynamic Range video format supported by Samsung and Prime Video. It allows you to record videos with better dynamic range, higher contrast and brightness, and supports 10-bit color depth. By default, HDR10+ recording is disabled on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and you have to go into the camera settings to enable it.

Please note that HDR10+ videos are saved in HEVC format, which may cause compatibility issues on older PCs and devices. You must also have a TV or monitor that supports HDR10 to enjoy videos recorded from the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the fullest. Otherwise, they will play in standard quality.

holder 6 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera settings you need to change

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can keep the subject in the frame when recording video. Auto framing is a useful feature to have when recording videos with lots of movement. In this mode, the camera will automatically switch between lenses to keep the person in the photo.

Now when you record video, your S23 Ultra will automatically keep the subject in the frame by switching between lenses. Please note that in this mode the video quality resolution is limited to 1080p at 30fps so quality may not be the best choice. Alternatively, you can only use the auto-framing feature with the rear camera.

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Contrary to what you might think, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera is not a gimmick. Video recording is one of the areas where the camera must exert a lot of power to get detailed footage.

holder 6 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera settings you need to change

Unlike the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will not take a photo as soon as you press the button. Instead, the image will be captured when you lift your finger off the button.

This odd behavior may annoy anyone switching from an iPhone or Google Pixel (photos are taken as soon as you press the shutter button). This behavior is present on all Samsung phones, not just the S23 Ultra.

Samsung allows you to adjust this behavior using the Camera Assistant Good Lock module. Enable the Quick Tap shutter option in the app to shorten latency and make buttons respond faster.

Expert RAW launched as an experimental camera app from Samsung. However, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Expert RAW has now found a place in the full Samsung Camera app.

As the name suggests, Expert RAW offers granular control over a variety of camera options, including the ability to capture images in RAW format. Even better, Expert RAW has an Astrophoto mode that aims to capture the night sky clearly.

If you’re interested in photography or want more control over your Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera, check out Expert RAW. You can access the app from the More tab in Samsung Camera.

Please note that the app is not pre-installed on the Galaxy S23 Ultra so when you select the mode for the first time, the app will download Expert RAW from the Galaxy Store in the background.

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There are plenty of other modes in Samsung’s Camera app that are also worth exploring.