6 ways to reduce video size for iPhone

The large size not only affects storage capacity, it also makes file sharing more difficult. In addition, sending large files will drain your data and mobile bandwidth quickly.

For those reasons, reducing the video size is a smart choice.

iOS allows users to customize camera settings. You can choose a lower recording quality so that the product is light and does not take up storage space. See article: How to change the video recording resolution setting on iPhone!

One of the simple ways to reduce the video size is to use the Telegram app. This application allows users to select video quality before sending. You can send videos to yourself.

holder 6 ways to reduce video size for iPhone

After selecting the video, touch the video quality icon and select the quality level you want. Telegram will remember this choice and use it as the default the next time you send a video.

Apple’s Messages app is also capable of automatically compressing videos sent through it. The problem is that you don’t know the exact quality level after reduction. To get the exact number, you must compare the original file with the file sent via Messages.

When you share a large video on WhatsApp, the service compresses the video before sharing it with the recipient. You can create a WhatsApp group with yourself and share videos in the same group to reduce the video size.

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2 : Choose your personal group.

Step 3 : Click the + icon in the bottom left corner.

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Step 4 : Select Photos & Video Library .

Step 5 : Click on the video you want to compress. Press the Send button.

Step 6 : Open the video in the WhatsApp chat. Click the Share button.

Step 7 : Click Save to download the compressed video on your iPhone.

Open the Photos app and check the video size (refer to the steps above). In our testing, WhatsApp reduced a 70MB video to 1.5MB. That also shows the heavy compression that WhatsApp applies when transferring videos. It is highly efficient and does the job without downloading third-party apps from the App Store.

If you want more options, you can use video compression apps available on the App Store. Open the App Store and search for “video compressor” or “video compression”, “reduce video size”.

Step 1 : Download the Video Compressor app from the App Store.

Step 2 : Open Video Compressor app and allow access to all photos on iPhone.

Step 3 : Check all your photos and videos with file sizes. Select the video you want to compress. The example selected a video file of size 71MB.

Step 4 : Click Compress at the bottom. You have three options to choose from.

You can also choose custom settings and enter a specific percentage to reduce the video size.

Step 5 : Select a relevant option. The example has selected the High Quality Video option.

The app compressed a 71MB video down to 30MB in seconds. Open the video and you can add music, sound, text, stickers, and experiment with other effects. Click Exporter and save the compressed video file on your iPhone.

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If you have no problems with Internet connection and data, you can use online video compression services. Each site will offer different options.

For example, VideoSmaller.com allows you to reduce the size of a video by uploading it to a server or entering a URL, but the video file must not exceed 500 MB.

holder 6 ways to reduce video size for iPhone

The last way is to compress the video on the computer. Although you have to copy from your phone to your computer and vice versa, you will have more options and more video compression applications.

macOS has iMovie and Windows has a Movie Maker app. You can use these apps to reduce the video size. With iMovide, you need to download the file, select the size and click Share -> File in the menu.

holder 6 ways to reduce video size for iPhone

Alternatively, the free and cross-platform format conversion app HandBrake can also help. There are many settings that allow you to reduce the video size. However, you just need to choose the available settings, and the application will compress your video to a smaller size.

holder 6 ways to reduce video size for iPhone

With some of the above options, you can find a way to compress videos on iPhone to reduce video storage space, freeing up free space for the device.

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