7 great features of Firefox for Android phones

Surfing the web is fun, but it also carries a lot of network security risks. The Firefox web browser on Android has a lot of features to help protect you while using the Internet.

If you are busy and can’t type, Firefox can help you too. Instead of having to type the website address, use voice recognition and say the website you need to find in the address bar. Firefox’s voice recognition makes it easier to access websites when you’re not hands-free.

To use this feature:

When you open Firefox for the first time, you’ll see your browsing experiences pre-arranged for you. The home page will contain your frequently opened pages, bookmarked pages, and browsing history.

If you have multiple tabs open and want to see a summary of each tab, click the Tab icon to the right of the address bar containing the number. This number represents the number of open tabs.

To show all thumbnails of open tabs:

Firefox allows you to surf the web in private mode. This mode will block all tracking and delete your browsing history when you finish your activity in that mode. Firefox still saves passwords, blocks cookies and temporary files, and prevents all types of password autofills. All you need to do is open a tab in private mode.

We usually don’t just surf the web on our mobile phones. However, to continue to work anywhere, anytime, we need synchronization between electronic devices. Firefox also allows users to synchronize data between devices.

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To set up synchronization:

Passwords are everywhere on the Internet. Almost every website these days requires a username and password to access high-quality content. With Firefox on Android, you can create a master password containing all your logins encrypted.

To create a master password:

What if someone else wants to borrow your phone to surf the web? Rest assured, they can’t see your passwords, browsing history, bookmarks or other information. Let’s set up guest mode.