A first-generation iPod "full box, sealed" sold for 29,000 USD

Tech collectors’ love for Apple’s “classic” devices never ceases to amaze us. This time is the case of a first-generation iPod, in perfect original condition, with original seal, which has just been sold for an outrageous price: 29,000 USD (nearly 700 million VND).

This original iPod was sold in 2001 for $ 399. The device once appeared on the auction floor and was bought and given as a gift, then left unopened for more than a decade.

Another eBay auction in 2014 brought the iPod back to its new owner for ,000. In 2018, it “listed” again and changed hands at ,000. Since then, the iPod continued to be sold through eBay many times until it came to Rally, a private museum/mall located in Manhattan, New York.

Rally bought the iPod for ,000 in 2021 and put it on display at its museum honoring the owner’s wishes. At the same time, 5,000 shares of the product were offered to investors with a total value of ,000. Rally said at the time of the sale, 360 people had a stake in the iPod.

However, recently, this iPod received an offer to buy back for $ 29,000, a price increase significantly compared to the original selling price. There are 61.98% shareholders in favor of this proposal, and the purchase and sale agreement has been completed.

Rally did not disclose the identity of the person who purchased the product. Just know this iPod has never been unsealed since the factory, is placed in the original packaging along with the original blue iPod carrying case and Apple Store bag. All are perfectly preserved.

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holder A first-generation iPod "full box, sealed" sold for 29,000 USD

The iPod came out in 2001 and immediately revolutionized the music industry, making MP3s popular. Hailed as the Walkman of the 21st century, it’s hard to underestimate the cultural significance of the iPod during the first decade of this century.

The original unboxed iPhone and iPod are often rated as one of the most sought-after items by technology collectors, with sustainable value and especially the potential to increase in price over time.