Add ringtones to your Android phone – In the following article, we will guide you through some basic operations needed to add ringtones to Android phones. The images below are taken from a Samsung Galaxy S device with Froyo operating system version, but with other phone models, the process is similar.

First, open Settings > Wireless and Network > USB Settings > Mass Storage , and connect your phone to your computer with a data cable. Then, we will create a new folder on the phone or SD memory card with a computer, name it Music or MP3 to suit our needs. And next, copy the necessary music files into this folder.

Switch to your phone, open Settings > Sound > Phone Ringtone and select the ringtone you want. Here, the system will correctly display which files can be formatted according to the standard:

holder Add ringtones to your Android phone
On the screenshot, the files marked in yellow are standard files

Very simple and easy, you just need to click OK at this step to be successful in choosing your own ringtone. Good luck!

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