AI traffic camera detects 1,000 violations in 8 days

According to Insider, an AI-based traffic camera system has been installed along the A30 road extending from London to the southwestern tip of England. And the AI detected about 1,000 drivers breaking the law after only the first 8 days of use.

This AI traffic camera system detects errors such as drivers using their phones or not wearing seat belts.

holder AI traffic camera detects 1,000 violations in 8 days

Devon and Cornwall Police said that despite using AI traffic cameras, all cases of driver violations are checked by humans to ensure accuracy.

The system is equipped with multiple cameras with high shutter speeds, filters, infrared flash and lenses to capture clear images of passing vehicles.

An AI computer program will examine the images obtained to identify evidence of violations by the driver. An officer will then double-check this evidence before confirming the driver has committed a violation. Depending on the severity of the violation, the driver will be warned or fined.

In the first 72 hours of use alone, 180 seat belt violations and 117 mobile phone driving violations were detected by this AI traffic camera system. The evidence is clear, so the drivers of the violations cannot be denied.

Adrian Leisk, Head of Road Safety for Devon and Cornwall Police, said the new technology serves as a message to drivers that anyone still using a phone behind the wheel will be arrested.

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