AMD will launch FSR 3 in September, pledging to support Xbox but not mentioning PS5

Short for FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD FSR is essentially a super-sampling feature, designed to help improve gaming performance on graphics cards for optimal performance. It can be understood simply that FSR is a technology that supports playing games at higher, beautiful and smoother resolutions than reality without the need to upgrade system hardware, somewhat similar to NVIDIA’s DLSS.

The ability to support the latest version of FSR 3 (expected to be released in September) will be added to a series of popular games in the near future. This could include CD Projekt’s upcoming expansion pack Red Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. In addition, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine will also add a plug-in for FSR 3, meaning that many game developers using the engine will be able to support AMD’s technology.

FSR 3 is expected to run well on AMD’s Radeon RX 6000 and 7000 series graphics cards. Even some older GPUs (RX 5000 or RX 400/500) are expected to be compatible. Notably, AMD confirmed FSR 3 will work with Microsoft’s Xbox systems using custom AMD Radeon GPUs, but did not mention Sony’s PlayStation 5 system.

holder AMD will launch FSR 3 in September, pledging to support Xbox but not mentioning PS5

Another issue to note, is AMD’s disclosure that the company’s engineering team is actively working on a way to allow FSR 3 to work on any DirectX 11 or 12 game. This means that, in theory, thousands of games should soon be able to benefit from AMD’s graphics-enhancing technology. That update is expected to roll out sometime in the first quarter of this year. year 2024.

FSR3 is expected to deliver twice the performance of its predecessor FSR 2 at 4K resolution. During the event to introduce the new technology, AMD ran a demo of Unreal Engine 5, where the FPS increased from 60 FPS (FRS 2) to 112 FPS (FRS 3).

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