Apple is granted a patent for a new generation of Touch ID, using infrared technology integrated under the screen

Apple has just officially been granted a patent for a new generation Touch ID version with a series of superior improvements compared to its predecessor. This patent was in fact filed by Apple at the end of 2019, directly related to the extremely unique infrared light technology placed under the screen.

Images released by the US Patent and Trademark Office, the agency responsible for approving US patents, show a new image sensor system in place. below the screen of the device. According to the description, this is Apple’s brand new optical imaging system, which will emit short-wavelength infrared light through the upper display layer, while the photosensitive system will be configured to receive reflections from the interface surface and mapping the user’s fingerprint structure.

In simpler terms, this is Apple’s proprietary in-display fingerprint sensor system. In particular, emphasis is placed on the technology of “Shortwave Infrared light” – the element that plays the role of the most important component of this new generation Touch ID system.

With the appearance of the fingerprint sensor system in the screen, Apple can completely integrate both Touch ID and Face ID on future iPhone and iPad models, thereby giving users the ability to use more flexible. However, it is unclear whether Apple is actively planning to apply this technology to its upcoming products, because the Cupertino company is currently mainly focusing on developing Face ID technology for iPhones. its leading. Therefore, we can expect to see this technology implemented on iPads or even a few low-cost iPhones in the near future.

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