Apple may launch a dedicated Thunderbolt cable for iPhone 15: Support 4K 60Hz output, 20Gbps data transfer rate

iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone generation to be equipped with a USB-C connection standard with Thunderbolt support, allowing for higher and faster data transfer speeds. Of course, this is not a voluntary change of Apple, but a request from the European Union (EU), but it is also a highlight that receives much attention from the technology user community. all around the world.

According to some recent rumors, Apple seems to be testing high-bandwidth Thunderbolt cable models specifically for the upcoming iPhone 15 series, and the leaked specs are really impressive.

According to the share of leaker Majin Bu, the technical length of the Apple Thunderbolt cable is 70cm. Notably, the leaked image shows that the cable body also seems to be significantly thicker than the cables currently sold by many different vendors. This is likely due to the additional charging capacity and data transfer capacity the cable can provide. The maximum power supply capacity of this cable is expected to reach a maximum of 150W, and it can also output data to a 4K monitor or TV with a refresh rate of 60Hz. The durability of this fabric-covered cable will certainly be much better due to the traditional synthetic plastic-coated wire, but the aesthetics will still depend on the “gut” of each person.

It is not excluded that Apple is testing this Thunderbolt cable for many different products, not just the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. In terms of bandwidth, the cable reaches a maximum speed of 20Gbps, also known as USB 4 Gen 2. Depending on the case, this speed can be halved to 10Gbps or USB 3.2, but still very fast.

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The good news is that this cable will come with an extremely diverse set of features, bandwidth limited or not. Previous series of rumors said Apple could allow both iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to support high-resolution screens for use by professional tasks, but this feature may not appear immediately, which is rolled out gradually with future software updates.

Another thing to note is that Thunderbolt cables tend to be more expensive than regular USB-C cables. For example, Apple sells a 0.8-meter Thunderbolt 3 cable for , while a 1.8-meter Thunderbolt 4 cable costs 9.

All just stop at rumors for reference. But given Apple’s efforts, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will certainly be the first handsets to offer Thunderbolt ports.