Black Knight: Detecting UFOs in the latest NASA photos

Let’s learn about Black Knight: Unidentified flying object found in NASA’s ” moon orbiting ” images in this article!

“An alien satellite, believed to have been orbiting the Earth for about 13,000 years, was captured by a NASA camera ‘circling the Moon’,” a UFO fan announced.

UFO paparazzi Streetcap1 posted the NASA Apollo 16 image in a video on his channel.

NASA images of the Moon, Mars, and other planets, as well as footage of the International Space Station, have been sought in in-depth research for evidence of alien life.

The expert said in the video: “I was going through a lot of photos tonight and I discovered this on a photo of the Moon. It’s at the edge of the photo, the more I zoom in, the more I can see it. It shows up in quite a few pictures, but not all. It’s a kind of structure and is just orbiting the Moon. You can see its structure when you zoom in. To me, it looks like like some kind of structure .”

Viewers have suggested that it could be the mysterious satellite Black Knight , also known as the ” Dark Knight “.

The object called Black Knight ( Black Knight ) has been around the Earth for a relatively long time and is considered to be a satellite of alien beings. Although there have been photos of this object, many people are still skeptical about its origin and purpose.

After watching the video, Traci Hill posted a comment on YouTube: ” Seems like Dark Knight .”

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holder Black Knight: Detecting UFOs in the latest NASA photosBlack Knight? A latest video by Streetcap1 shows a “UFO” on the Moon.

Valle Janes later added: ” There are many people who say it looks like Black Knight… I agree with that .”

Still, there are those who are less convinced to offer other explanations.

An image with the username Coil Smoke says: ” It’s possible that the terrain is as high as the peaks of a mountain but still gets hit by sunlight.”

Jack Gordon added: ” The image taken is more likely to be an alien ship .”

holder Black Knight: Detecting UFOs in the latest NASA photos1998 NASA image ( left ) and a previously alleged Black Knight object on the Moon in July 2015.

The Black Knight Satellite is the name given to an object captured by NASA astronauts during a mission flight in 1998.

There are alien conspiracy theorists who claim the satellite is of extraterrestrial origin, possibly up to 13,000 years old, orbiting the Earth in near-polar orbit.

The myth developed in 1963, when NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper reported that he had seen the Black Knight Satellite while still in space, but there was a media interruption when he returned and the US space agency said he was hallucinating about space.

It was reported that a decade later in 1973, a researcher from Scotland, Duncan Lunan, looked back at Norwegian scientists’ data from 1928, before declaring the ” message ” Black Knight sent from Epsilon Boötis by aliens, as a welcome message to Earth 12,600 years ago.

holder Black Knight: Detecting UFOs in the latest NASA photosCloseup shot of “UFO” taken from a YouTube video.

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In 1998, the first satellite photos appeared and were taken by astronauts on the space shuttle Endeavor – the first flight to the International Space Station ISS.

However, many skeptics claim the myth was created after the 1998 image surfaced, with previous bizarre events weaving into the story making it all the more convincing.

Skeptics also say the existence of the Black Knight satellite has been extinguished several times, and NASA images show, as the space agency said at the time, a heat shield gone. love falls off the space shuttle.

In a video called “Black Knight Satellite UFO Documentary – Truth Exposed 2015 – (Debunked) ” – he stated his unequivocal assertion. that the ” Black Knight “, as taken in 1998 by NASA, is nothing more than a fallen heat shield.

holder Black Knight: Detecting UFOs in the latest NASA photosImage of a heat shield falling in space.

The crew of the space shuttle Endeavor dropped the heat shield while they were working on the International Space Station ISS.

In its video, NUA compared it to a NASA video of the Endeavor mission that shows an image of a heat shield on the International Space Station.

The same heat shield was later seen as the crew dropped it into space.

He highlights the heat shield resembling the shape of ” Black Knight ” in 1998 photographs seized by conspiracy theorists and explains the objects only appear to change shape because it disappears when fall.

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