Check out the redesigned Apple apps in watchOS 10

Apple’s WatchOS 10 is one of the biggest software updates in the history of the Apple Watch. One of the best new features is the complete redesign of some of Apple’s apps to take advantage of the larger screens of modern wearables.

The following article will highlight all the redesigned apps to show you what to expect.

Note : watchOS 10 is currently in beta, which means you can only use the redesigned apps by installing the public beta.

One of the most popular watchOS apps has always been Apple’s Weather app. And watchOS 10 brings a ton of changes that look great on any modern watch, especially the Apple Watch Ultra.

Along with the current temperature, hourly outlook, and 10-day forecast, there are 8 additional weather categories you can view. Open the app to see the main screen showing the temperature at your current location. Swipe up on the screen or use the Digital Crown to view other key data points. If there’s a severe weather warning, you can also tap it to see the full report.

You can tap the screen or select the cloud icon to choose from other metrics – conditions, temperature, precipitation, wind, UV index, visibility, humidity, and air quality. For each metric, swipe up or use the Digital Crown to see different screens.

Select the icon in the upper left corner to view your different saved locations and select one. To add a new location, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap +.

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The redesigned Activity app makes it much easier to quickly find the information you need. Once you open the app, you’ll see Move, Exercise , and Stand loops. You can swipe up on the screen or use the Digital Crown for a full-screen view of your progress towards today’s 3 key goals. In addition to that information, you can see today’s steps, distance traveled and steps climbed. Finally a quick way to see any of today’s activities.

On the main screen there are 3 icons to choose from. The chart icon in the upper right corner shows a detailed weekly summary of all 3 metrics and also allows you to change your custom goal on the fly.

In the lower left corner, you can select the icon and then see who’s sharing their workout with you. To get started with that feature, see how to share workouts with friends using iPhone.

Finally, in the lower right corner, you can tap the prize icon to see all the prizes and the progress made.

In previous versions of watchOS, World Clock had a simple design with light orange and white tones. But the new version comes in blue, white and yellow components. After starting the app, you’ll see the time in your current location along with sunrise and sunset information.

Tap the icon in the upper right corner to see your previous favorite locations. Select a city to see the time and other information. It will also show the time difference between your current location. To always see the time in a certain position, you can use one of the many app functions on the watch face.

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Like World Clock, Stocks switched to a more colorful look. You will see all the stocks you have selected in your watchlist. The green entries are stocks that have risen in price, and the red ones are those that have fallen. Select … under View Options to select Price Change, Percentage Change or Market Cap .

When selecting a stock, it defaults to a detailed chart of the last day’s performance. The green background represents the gain while the red background indicates the decrease. Select 1D to toggle the chart view from last month or last year. Use the Digital Crown or swipe up on the screen to see the entire watch list.

While not as big of an improvement as the other apps, Home now looks even more like an iPhone companion app. After opening the app, above the screen is a feed from some of your HomeKit-compatible security cameras. Just tap it to bring up the live feed. You can also access the page with feeds from all your cameras. That’s a big improvement because in watchOS 9, you need to tap a few items to see the camera feed.

In front of your favorite accessories are icons for access to air conditioners, lights, security equipment, speakers/TVs and plumbing. To access Intercom, scroll to the top of the My Home page. Hit the back button on that page to access individual rooms and scenes.

The Maps app is significantly more useful in watchOS 10. Once you start the app, you’ll now see your current location and maps. For the first time, you can also see topographic maps, at least in the United States. Perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, you can even view information like trail names and other important information. Using the Maps app in iOS 17, you can download maps for offline use and transfer that information to the Apple Watch app. That will allow you to view map data even without a cellular or Internet connection.

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On the main map screen, select the hourglass icon to display a wide search area. You can see Siri Suggestions, places of interest, and nearby places like fast food stores or gas stations.

The Heart Rate app has also added a new feature. When you open the app, it will start measuring your current heart rate and show a real-time animation of your heart rate. The daily heart rate, resting pace and walking average displays – available by swiping up on the screen or scrolling the Digital Crown – remain the same. But you can select the i icon on the average walking and resting rates screen to see more information about what those ratios mean.