Chrome will soon tell you why the extension is gone

According to a post from Oliver Dunk, Developer Relations engineer for Chrome extensions, Google is adding a new feature to the next release of Chrome. This feature will proactively warn you when an extension is not available in the Chrome Web Store. The new feature, added as part of Chrome 117, will make it easier to track extensions that have been removed by developers, taken down for violating Chrome Web Store policies, or marked as extensions. malicious software.

Engineer Dunk said Chrome will show extensions in those categories in the “Safety check” under the privacy and security section of Chrome’s settings. “When a user clicks ‘Review’, they are taken to their extension and given the choice to remove the extension or hide the warning if they want to continue installing the extension,” explains Dunk. Like in previous versions of Chrome, extensions marked as malware are automatically disabled.”

That’s not the only security-related update Google discussed for Chrome on Wednesday. The company will automatically upgrade all http:// URLs to https:// , a more secure version of HTTP that encrypts your traffic, “even if you click on a link that clearly shows http://”, according to a separate blog post. Google says it will detect when the upgrade attempt fails, and when that happens, Chrome will fall back to http://. Google is “experimenting” with the change in Chrome 115 (Chrome 116 is the current stable release). The company plans to roll out the feature to all users soon.

Google also says that Chrome will soon show a warning when you try to download “high-risk files” during an unsecured connection. The alerts are set to roll out in mid-September, and you can see Google’s example images of what they look like below.

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