Datally – Google's new app to save mobile data

Google also wants to help you save on your mobile data.

Datally is a new free app launched by Google that helps Android users control how much data they use. Datally is mainly aimed at users in India and Southeast Asia, where most of them use prepaid SIMs with limited data.

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Offered by Google for free on the Google Play Store, this app displays a graph that shows how much data you use daily, monthly or weekly, which apps have consumed the most data recently or in the past day.

holder Datally - Google's new app to save mobile data
Device usage data graph

The Data Saver feature helps block apps from using data in the background. Turn this feature on, a bubble icon will appear in the right corner of the application’s screen. This bubble will show how much data the app is consuming in real time. Tapping this bubble will block the app from using data.

holder Datally - Google's new app to save mobile data
The bubble icon informs the amount of data the application consumes

To optimize and save data, Datally will also notify users when near a public WiFi spot and help connect. With the need to save 3G and 4G space, the Datally application will be extremely useful for Android users.

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