Dota 2 update completely with emoji confuses players

A mysterious user with the name EW posted on the official Dota website an article titled “Emojis in the Dark”. In the post, this person claims that he broke into Valve’s ‘office’ and stole the notes, patch 7.34 then copied and replaced those words with emojis. This emoji update is 55 pages long.

This post immediately attracted the attention of the Dota2 fan community. Many people quickly turned to the Reddit forum to discuss and decipher this strange update.

holder Dota 2 update completely with emoji confuses players

Thought this strange update would be difficult, but it didn’t take long for some people to figure out the true meaning of these strange icons.

Because the details of this patch are so large, players have to switch from Reddit to a Google Docs file with a length of up to 95 pages to decode. Finally, this emoji update has also been successfully decoded and written in quite complete English. You can see it here.

holder Dota 2 update completely with emoji confuses players

However, many people believe that Valve’s post is intended to tease fans before the official Dota2 7.34 update is released in English in the near future.

In addition, it is not certain that the player’s translation is correct because there is no official confirmation from Valve. Many veteran Dota 2 fans affirm that this translation has done very well.

While some gamers are excited about this exciting challenge, there are also those who think this update is a waste of their time.

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