'Drawing' with… typewriter makes viewers unable to take their eyes off

James Cook is living and working in London (UK) is an artist specializing in drawing paintings with typewriters. Videos recording the process of making his works have made the online community admire.

He spent more than 6 years practicing his ability to use a typewriter. Each of his paintings needs more than 500,000 characters with meticulousness and concentration. Therefore, the time for James Cook to fully complete a work needs from a few weeks to a few months.

James Cook often does paintings of famous buildings and portraits of famous people. So far, this guy has completed nearly 300 different works in his painting career with a typewriter.

Painting with a typewriter is a fairly new art form, so it attracts a lot of attention from netizens. So, below the videos recording the process of making his works, many people have left comments praising James Cook's works as well as creativity and talent.

To see more videos recording the process of painting with a typewriter, you can visit James Cook's YouTube channel here.

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