Elon Musk admits X may fail but still wants to create a good social network

Elon Musk shared on his personal page X (Twitter) on August 19 that his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter could fail as many people predicted. But he also affirmed that he will try his best to have a good social network.

Musk has taken steps to turn X into a "super app". One of them is to promote the purification of chatbots, but this has not been effective. Last week, Matt Binder – Mashable's technology expert discovered that 42% of his account followers are not real, possibly accounts operated by bots.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, one of the early investors with Musk in the Twitter deal, said that X first needs to focus on solving problems related to bots and spam. And his company can look to other platforms to reach users.

Since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last year, Musk has made many drastic moves to overhaul this social network such as restoring many previous bans, renaming the platform to X, laying off most of its employees. members… and most recently removed the ability to block others on the platform.

Blocking unwanted accounts is one of the features that helps users protect themselves from being bothered by spam and avoid hateful behavior, harassment, harmful content. Louis Jones, a communications and advertising specialist at the Institute for Brand Safety, said Musk's move could have a dual effect, making bullying more common on the platform and stifling freedom of expression. community. This, he thinks, will cause a false spiral and negatively affect the long-term success of X.

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