Elon Musk wants Apple to reduce App Store fees, says he will meet Tim Cook to negotiate

The head of the social networking platform Twitter (now renamed X) Elon Musk continues to “press” strongly with Apple in changing the policy for the App Store. In a recent tweet, Musk said he plans to have a one-on-one talk with Apple CEO Tim Cook about tweaking the 30% commission the tech giant is charging on all purchases. app. The billionaire thinks this number is too high and needs to be adjusted.

Number is Twitter (X) now allows one user to subscribe to another user’s account through the iOS app. These sign-up processes use Apple’s in-app purchase system, so 30% of revenue will be charged according to App Store rules. On the other hand, Twitter itself does not receive any revenue from these subscriptions for the first 12 months. After 12 months, the new company started taking 10% of the subscription revenue.

Under the leadership of Elon Musk, Twitter has changed its revenue sharing model for subscriptions. The company will not cut subscription revenue until the total amount of payments to users exceeds 0,000. Once this threshold is crossed, Twitter will take 10% of the subscription revenue, but the company will still not take any revenue for the first 12 months.

The Twitter CEO thinks that Apple should only take a portion of the revenue that creators pay for the platform, instead of the full 30% of the subscription fee. Many users of social network X have voiced their support for Elon Musk in this proposal. Some argue that Apple’s 30% commission is too high and should be cut, especially for subscription-based services.

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holder Elon Musk wants Apple to reduce App Store fees, says he will meet Tim Cook to negotiate

Elon Musk’s latest call for tweaking App Store commission rules comes as Apple faces growing scrutiny over its fees and policies. Several major companies such as Epic Games and Spotify have challenged Apple’s control over the distribution of apps on the App Store, while regulators in Japan and the UK have repeatedly pressed Apple to relax. loose restrictions.

Although Apple has made small concessions, such as allowing certain apps to link to external payment sites, experts say more important changes are needed. It remains to be seen how Tim Cook and his associates will respond to the request from Elon Musk.