Fun Self-Care Ideas

85+ Self-Care Ideas to Improve Your Well-Being

Self-care can be something you do alone or with the people you love. Here are some other fun ways to take better care of yourself and those you love:

  • Plan a weekend holiday for yourself (alone or with loved ones), unplug, and do something new and fun in your own neighborhood.
    Take yourself out on a date (shopping, eating at your favorite restaurant, seeing a movie, etc.).
  • Set the stage for a relaxing conversation with your spouse, your kids, or another close friend (candles lit, good dishes brought out, clean tablecloth, etc.) — with drinks and a tray of cookies or a platter full of appetizers to share.
  • Go to the drugstore and buy yourself some new cosmetic items.
  • Put on some great music and dance around the house.
  • Paint your toenails a color you’d never usually wear.
  • Make yourself a fun cocktail.
  • Call your mom and ask her to tell you funny stories about your youth.
  • Find a park with a swing and swing away.
  • Give yourself a big hug and tell yourself how amazing you are.
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