Google Cloud cooperates with NVIDIA to conquer the AI computing market

Google Cloud and NVIDIA have just officially announced a promising joint collaboration agreement, with the goal of providing high-quality infrastructure for the next generation AI computing market, including two growing aspects hot is data science and innovative AI.

In simple terms, Google Cloud and NVIDIA will join hands to develop new AI software and infrastructure, serving the needs of customers in building and deploying large models for interoperable workloads. data science and synthetic AI.

As part of the recent Google Cloud Next event, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang discussed how the two companies can work together to bring comprehensive machine learning services to the largest AI customers in the world – including creating it AI supercomputers to run with Google Cloud services built on NVIDIA technology. The new hardware and software integration uses the same NVIDIA technologies used by Google DeepMind and its research team over the past two years.

holder Google Cloud cooperates with NVIDIA to conquer the AI computing market

Google’s PaxML large language modeling (LLM) framework is now optimized for NVIDIA accelerated computing. REMOVE

In fact, PaxML was originally built to provide better support than Google TPU, but now allows developers to use Tensor Core H100 and A100 GPUs for testing and scaling. high and fully configurable. The GPU-optimized PaxML container is now available immediately in the NVIDIA NGC software portfolio. Additionally, PaxML runs on JAX, which has been optimized for GPUs leveraging the OpenXLA compiler.

Other notable hardware and software announcements between the two companies include:

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