Google may integrate Instagram's Story feature into Google Search

Google is trying to change the way you use Google Search. While not exactly changing direction to compete with TikTok and Instagram, Google is certainly changing in the direction of “Web Stories”, a feature introduced in 2020.

In today’s world, where people want to be entertained as much as they want to be informed, Google is making search results more engaging, interactive, and fun. The search engine you see in the future may not be entirely different, but it’s sure to get more enticing as Google seems to be rolling out a new clone of Instagram Stories soon.

holder Google may integrate Instagram's Story feature into Google Search

It looks like the “search-enabled” corporation is developing a new way to get creative with search results by allowing users to share text, images or stickers in a story-like format through the app. use Google on mobile phones. Spotted by @AssembleDebug on X (formerly Twitter). Publishers and content creators have been able to create their own stories on the web using Web Stories, and this type of content is now available on Google Search, Google Image, and Google Discover.

The Google users at 9to5Google have successfully enabled an as-yet-unannounced Google app feature, which will give users a new way to make the information they’re looking for more interesting.

holder Google may integrate Instagram's Story feature into Google Search

This experiment continues Google’s trend of finding a more natural and intuitive way for users to conduct searches and get results. 9to5 has also found through some code that users will be able to leave a comment, called “Note,” on web pages that appear in search results.

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Users will be able to comment on a web page when viewing it in the Google app’s default browser, and each note will be publicly visible, as long as it passes the company’s censorship process. Additionally, there is an option to like or heart a note left by other users, and your profile picture and name will be visible to them.

holder Google may integrate Instagram's Story feature into Google Search

9to5 cites a source as saying that “Notes” will be rolled out as part of Google Labs in September on Android and iOS. However, this feature will not be available on every page that appears in Google Search, especially those that contain medical information or display sexually explicit or violent content.

This feature may still be in beta, but it will be interesting to see the search results in this new feature. Google is known for being slow, especially when it comes to changing its core business, but it certainly wants to be more than just a simple search engine.