Google Project IDX Launched: New VSCode-Based Code Editor, AI-powered

After countless rumors, Google has finally announced a new cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) called Project IDX. Mountain View’s main goal in this project is to improve the experience and productivity for software developers, by providing them with AI tools and capabilities to build apps quickly. , more effective.

Google has developed Project IDX based on Visual Studio Code (using Code OSS), allowing to focus more on integrating advanced AI models like Codey and PaLM 2 and take great advantage of there. Google’s Codey AI programming assistant supports smart code completion, and is also a chatbot capable of answering code questions and giving contextual code suggestions.

holder Google Project IDX Launched: New VSCode-Based Code Editor, AI-powered

In addition, Project IDX allows developers to code full-stack web and mobile applications directly in the browser. This new toolkit now supports popular frameworks like Angular, Flutter, React and Vue.js… Along with a wide range of language compatibility and additional frameworks are planned.

The main benefit of Project IDX is that it provides a consistent development environment that is accessible from any device, at any time, anywhere. This significantly eliminates common problems such as ensuring a synchronous developer environment across devices/systems. The cloud-based IDE also provides access to powerful computing resources that are not available locally on the developer’s machine.

Google says Project IDX can use macOS machines in the cloud to build iOS apps and handle iOS Simulator. More details about Android emulator support will be announced later.

And yet, Project IDX is deeply integrated with GitHub for source control and Google’s Firebase platform for hosting, cloud functionality, etc. Each workspace provides a Linux-based virtual machine.

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Project IDX is currently in early preview. Google plans to add more languages, frameworks, and integrate other cloud services. The company hopes this project will pave the way to a revolution in the way developers write code.