Hackers are also "karma" by the malicious code of other expert hackers

Like ordinary people, hackers’ computers are not ‘invulnerable’ and low-skilled hackers are also likely to become victims of information theft by ‘advanced’ hackers. than.

holder Hackers are also "karma" by the malicious code of other expert hackers

Cybersecurity researchers from Hudson Rock have discovered about 120,000 infected systems, but up to 100,000 of these systems belong to hackers. In addition, they also discovered that more than 140,000 login credentials to various hacker forums had been stolen.

The above results were released by Hudson Rock after analyzing information-stealing malware that originated directly from attackers, sifting through hundreds of cybercrime forums and leaks. personal information online.

And it is a fact that hackers’ computers can also be infected with malware created by ‘older fox’ hackers. The hackers were also tricked into downloading rogue software, jailbreak software, and key generators with embedded malicious code just like normal users. Once the malware is installed, a security backdoor opens, allowing other hackers to easily steal information.

Hudson Rock experts also found that some hackers have a very sloppy way of managing and protecting passwords, of course the rest do very well.

Accordingly, hackers often use strong and complex passwords (in terms of characters) to log into hacker forums, even stronger than passwords used to access government websites. For example, on the hacker forum BreachForums 40% of users log in with passwords that are at least 10 characters long and contain four types of special characters.

On the other hand, users with weak passwords are more likely to only log in to monitor the community, check if any important databases are for sale, and have no interest in participating in the community. hackers.

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