How ChatGPT boss iris scanning sphere works

On July 24, the Worldcoin project of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, launched with the aim of providing a World ID “digital passport” to prove an individual is a real person, not a bot.

holder How ChatGPT boss iris scanning sphere works

To be granted a World ID, users need to scan their retinas with an Orb with a sphere shape, then the AI will analyze the data and verify this is a real person. Users only need to accept iris scanning to receive free digital coins.

Orb is about the size of a bowling ball, has a sparkling silver color and is integrated with a camera and iris scanner system.

holder How ChatGPT boss iris scanning sphere works

Iris was chosen for authentication because it is considered the best biometric authentication method to identify a person. Everyone’s iris is unique, and even twins have different irises that don’t change over time.

To initiate the scanning process, users will download the Worldcoin app, generate a QR code on the app, and obtain information for identity verification.

Users sit still in front of the sphere for 10 seconds for the camera system to scan the face and iris. When there is a beep sound, the scan is successful to identify the person being scanned “as a person, not a robot”. The orb will then beep again to confirm the person is already in the database. If it goes well, the process will take about 10 minutes.

The data obtained from the sphere will be used to generate “IrisHash”, a code that is stored locally on the sphere. The system uses a new privacy-preserving encryption method called PoP (Proof-of-Personhood) to check if that IrisHash already exists in Worldcoin’s database. Upon successful registration, users can optionally provide an email address, phone number or QR code to access the Worldcoin wallet.

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A Worldcoin representative confirmed that when the company completes the training of the AI neural network using iris recognition and fraud detection, the biometric information will be deleted. Until then, biometric information is just on the sphere.

holder How ChatGPT boss iris scanning sphere works

After the scanning process, the system will send the user a World ID code, confirming the completion of the identification process and 25 WLD of free Worldcoin project cryptocurrency. Currently, WLD is listed on several major exchanges, including Binance, for .39 per coin.

Since testing until now, the Orb has appeared in dozens of cities in more than 20 countries and more than two million people from 120 countries have been issued IDs.

However, some experts say that PoP user authentication systems face privacy, accessibility, centralization and security issues.