How to add location to photos on iPhone

Adding locations in photos on iPhone helps you find images faster in your collection via location. If you do not enable location on iPhone to automatically insert location into photos on iPhone, you can manually insert it with a very simple implementation. iPhone supports users to add locations for images, or multiple images at once to save operations. The following article will guide you to add location to photos on iPhone.

Step 1:

At the image you want to add a location, the user clicks on the i icon below to see the information interface of the image.

holder How to add location to photos on iPhone

Step 2:

Now display the interface of the basic information of this image, click on Add location to add a location for this image. Immediately the user enters the location you want to add for the image . The location is displayed in the list below for us to click to add to the photo.

Step 3:

The resulting location has been inserted into the image with the map as shown below. Users can tap the map to see the location more clearly if needed. Or click Adjust to change the previous position inserted in the image.

Step 1:

At the album interface on iPhone, click the Select button on the top right edge of the screen. Then we click on the images that you want to add the location to.

After selecting the image, click on the 3 dots icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Step 2:

When displaying the custom interface for the image, the user clicks on the Adjust position item to add a position for the images we have selected. Then also display the interface for you to find the position you want to insert into the image.

We enter the location to find in the search bar and then click on the resulting location below to finish.

Thus the position has been inserted for all the images that the user has selected.