How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

Sometimes it is our daily smartphone habits that are helping bad guys to spy on us, causing annoying things like revealing personal information, private conversations… Therefore, to To prevent these bad things from happening, you may need to take the following measures.

Location services based on GPS, mobile data (3G/4G LTE) and Wi-Fi bring many conveniences to smartphone users, such as finding directions on Google Maps, finding restaurants on Foursquare, Facebook location… However, the smartphone tracking each user’s every move also has potential risks.

For iPhone and iOS devices in general, users need to check the location settings again by going to Settings / General / Restrictions . In this section, users enter the security code to turn on the restriction feature (Restrictions), then find the Location Services item. In this section, you can turn off location services completely or turn them back on.

holder How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

Next, users need to look in the list of applications that are using geolocation. For ordinary users, only important applications such as Google Maps , Here Maps , taxi booking applications, Foursquare … need positioning. Games and applications are not necessary if they are still authorized, you need to change their options accordingly. There are three levels that you can choose for each application: Always (always), While Using (only when running the application) or Never (don’t allow location use).

On Android, although companies use different interfaces, users can find Settings , select Privacy and Safety Location , Location section . Here, users are also given the option to turn off location services, choose how to locate or grant location access to applications running in the background.

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Rooting Android or jailbreaking an iPhone brings strange experiences but comes with dozens of risks. Devices after being rooted or jailbroken are very unstable and unsafe, easy for others to secretly install unauthorized tracking applications on the device.

holder How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

However, for proficient users, they can jailbreak or root the device to install fake location emulator applications, helping owners “pretend” to be in this place but in fact they are somewhere else.

If the device has been rooted or jailbroken and the person who does it is your relative or friend, then… be careful. In most cases, helping you root or jailbreak your device is to install some harmless utility, but in a few special cases, the smartphone will be installed with tracking software.

holder How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

At that time, users need to review all installed applications and should remove suspicious names. In fact, some sophisticated tracking apps often hide in innocuous-looking names and icons.

When installing an application, users are often asked to grant permission for the software to use the camera, recording microphone, location … and login information, account… Your job is to “scan” carefully. before installing any application, to avoid granting unreasonable permissions, such as access to microphone, camera, to a basic game.

holder How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

Many users are very careless in managing their accounts on smartphones and tablets. This is a fact that is hard to change. In Vietnam, many users still share the same Apple ID with the phone shop. Many female users “innocent” provide Apple ID, iCloud account to their lover and do not expect to be tracked through the Find My iPhone feature.

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holder How to avoid being secretly tracked via smartphone?

Not only on iPhone, Android users should also not go easy on their accounts. Gmail is the most precious thing on Android devices because it stores contacts, emails, notes… and is the key to login to photo storage services. If someone else knows your Gmail and password, they can also locate you if you’ve previously turned on the find your lost device feature.

In addition to keeping personal accounts carefully, users need to limit the use of photo stream features to other devices, such as an iPhone that can automatically send photos just taken to the photo gallery on the iPad. An Android smartphone automatically syncs photos to Google Photos , and someone who knows the password logs into the service. This is a utility and also a double-edged sword.

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