How to block ads on Samsung Internet browser

Samsung devices come with their own browser to use, Samsung Internet Browser, and there is also a version to download to other Android devices. The browser has a simple, fast and convenient interface, suitable for all phone and tablet devices. Notably, Samsung Internet’s secure browsing capabilities, with private mode features, biometric web login, and ad blocker.

Samsung Internet ad blocker provides users with a list of effective ad blocking applications for mobile browsers. Browser advertising is inherently an annoying problem for users, when it interrupts the content you are viewing while surfing the web. There are many effective ad blocking tools for fast web surfing, and are introduced to you by Samsung Internet right in your browser’s ad blocker. The following article of Network Administrator will guide you how to block ads on Samsung Internet browser.

Step 1:

We click on the Samsung Internet browser icon to launch. At the interface on the browser, click on the 3 dashes icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2:

Display the menus on the browser, click on the Ad Blocker feature right at the top of the list. The user then sees a list of ad blocking applications that Samsung Internet introduces to the user. Click on the download icon to install the application from the Google Play Store.

Step 3:

Wait for the application installation process to complete and then you return to the Ad Blocker feature on Samsung Internet browser, then in the Installed section , activate the ad blocking application by swiping the circle button to the right done. Immediately the browser will be blocked ads.

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When you surf the web on Samsung Internet, there will be no more annoying ads.

Step 4:

When we reopen the browser menu, we will see the number displayed at the Ad Blocker , corresponding to the number of active ad blocking applications on the browser. To cancel the ad blocker on the browser, users just need to slide the circle button to the left at the application you want to turn off.

With the list of ad blocking applications on Samsung Internet, users will be more assured of the quality and effective ad blocking ability of these applications. Enabling or disabling the ad blocker on the browser is also simple.

Wishing you success!