How to change Live Photo animation effects on iPhone

Live Photo mode on iPhone gives users an animation as a still image when we click on the image. And now we can change the effects for Live Photo photos with many different types of effects, refreshing Live Photo photos more. You can choose from several available effects to apply to the image. Although the effect options for Live Photo images are still limited, it is also a way to refresh this image style. The following article will guide you to change Live Photo photo effects on iPhone.

Step 1:

We open the Photos application on the phone and then click Album to open the albums available on the phone.

holder How to change Live Photo animation effects on iPhone

Step 2:

Next, click on the Live Photos album to see all the images taken in this photo mode. We will then be transferred to the interface of all Live Photo captured images on iPhone.

Step 3:

Click on the image you want to change the effect for the image. By default, the image is being left in Live mode as shown. We click to display new effects for the image.

Then display the list with new effects as shown below. There will be 3 more types of effects for the image, including Repeat, Bounce and Long Exposure to choose from. You click on the new effect type to apply to the image.

You can change the effect types to get the right effect for your iPhone Live Photo.

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