How to change the screen to call iPhone

iOS 17 introduced a new feature that allows you to change the screen of incoming calls. The feature is called Contact Posters and it allows you to set the caller’s image as your incoming call screen wallpaper. Or you can set any image for incoming call to your iPhone screen.

Step 1: First in your contacts, select the name of the contact you want to change the incoming call wallpaper.

Step 2: Next, select Edit in the upper right corner.

Step 3: In the contact information editing interface, select Add Photo.

Step 4: Next, select Emoji, photos in albums or photos taken directly with the camera to replace your contact’s avatar.

Step 5: Once you have selected the avatar for the contact, click Select in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 6: You can change the filter in the filter below for your profile picture.

Step 7: Next is the section to change the background image for incoming calls, similar to how you choose your contact’s avatar with the steps above. Continue to choose a photo from an existing album or emoji to change for your contact.

Step 8: Align the photo to your liking and select Done to finish placing your incoming call photo.

Step 9: After placing the photo, go out of the contacts list and you will see the person with whom you have set the contact photo is changed.

Now every time you make an incoming call, the call screen image of the person you changed the background image to will show the correct profile picture and background image that you changed for that person.

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Note that this feature is only available on iOS 17, from iOS 17 and below it will not have this feature. This feature will help you to know who is calling you at a glance.

In the normal interface, you will see that the call interface of iOS 17 will be different from the interface of iOS 16 and below. Just a gray table with call feature icons such as speakerphone, keyboard, microphone… So if you have all the photos of your friends and relatives saved in your contacts, set them as your avatar. and call pictures.