How to cure tongue burns after eating hot food

Burning tongue after eating hot food is not difficult to treat. Here are simple ways to cure tongue burns that are suitable for everyone .

holder How to cure tongue burns after eating hot food

Rinsing the tongue with cool salt water is the simplest way to cure tongue burns. You can also gargle salt water gently before spitting it out. This method helps you disinfect the wound and soothe the burned tongue area.

Milk has antiseptic properties, helping you to relieve pain quickly. So dip your tongue in cold milk, then wait a bit until you feel better. You can repeat this process when you feel the pain in your mouth again. Milk provides a special coating that water does not, so whenever this is the case, use milk immediately.

holder How to cure tongue burns after eating hot food

Honey is not only soothing, but also has a wonderful taste. This product is also scientifically proven to treat burns. So, if you are not allergic to honey, this remedy for burning tongue might be your favorite choice. Take a spoonful of honey and cover it on the burned tongue area. Do not rush to swallow honey immediately. Leave it on your tongue for as long as possible to allow the burn to heal.

Peppermint is a simple & quick way to treat tongue burns. Menthol will trigger a cooling sensation in the areas it covers, so you should feel better over time. Just put a piece of mint gum on the damaged skin and don’t chew it. Make sure not to leave it on your tongue for too long, especially if you are sensitive to mint flavors.

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Aloe vera is known for its ability to soothe skin and heal burns. It significantly reduces burn healing time, and gives you comfort from the very first use. Just rub aloe vera juice on the burned tongue and leave it there.

Above are the simple ways to cure tongue burns, easy to implement but most effective . Hope the article is useful to you.