How to delete duplicate photos on Xiaomi quickly

To delete duplicate photos on Android phones, you will need to install a supporting application. However, with Xiaomi phones, the Gallery application on the phone already has a tool to delete duplicate photos, detect the same photos for you to choose and delete from the photo album, freeing up space on Android phones. You will get the fastest duplicates and then filter to remove these duplicates. The following article will guide you to delete duplicate photos on Xiaomi.

Step 1:

First of all, we access the Gallery application on Xiaomi phones . Then at the album interface on your phone click on the 3 dots icon in the right corner of the screen.

holder How to delete duplicate photos on Xiaomi quickly

Step 2:

Now display 3 options as shown below, we click on the Free up space option to proceed to check the images on the phone album. Soon this feature will scan the album on the phone to identify items that take up a lot of space, including duplicate images.

Step 3:

After scanning the photo album, you will see the folders that take up a lot of space in memory. In the Delete duplicate photos section, we click the View details button . Here the tool automatically analyzes the images and selects which images overlap. You scroll down to see which photos overlap to delete.

The system defaults to Keep Best mode . After selecting duplicate photos, click Delete selected photos .

holder How to delete duplicate photos on Xiaomi quickly

Note, the feature to delete duplicate photos on Xiaomi will search for duplicate photos according to many similar or nearly identical details such as location and subject in the image, but not necessarily the same photo, so you need to check carefully. before deleting.

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