How to enable emergency calls on Xiaomi phones

Each phone model sets up an SOS emergency call mode when you have a problem so that you can unlock the screen in an emergency, like setting up an emergency call on an iPhone or on an Android phone. With Xiaomi phones, you will choose the contact account to send urgent messages. The following article will guide you to turn on emergency calls on Xiaomi phones.

Step 1:

On Xiaomi phones, you access the Settings section as usual. Then we click on the Password & Security section and then click on the Emergency SOS section .

Step 2:

Next in the section Emergency SOS you will activate this emergency SOS mode . Then quickly press the power key 5 times to send an SOS emergency message to the contact you selected. Click Allow to agree to access rights when using this feature.

Step 3:

Now the system will ask you to add SOS contacts to use for emergencies, click Add to add them from your contacts. Click on the contacts you want to add and then click OK below.

Step 4:

The system will then ask you if you want to send a notification message to the selected person .

The selected person will receive a notification from your phone number with the content of sending a location message when you have an emergency. To change the added contact number again , click the Edit button .

Step 5:

We can then delete the added emergency contact if we want.

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holder How to enable emergency calls on Xiaomi phones