How to enable Night Mode for Twitter

If you don't want to experience eye strain when using Twitter at night, activate Twitter's Night Mode.

Twitter has started rolling out the dimming, dimming mode on both phones and computers. You only need to do a few small steps to enable this feature. When turned on, the screen will turn to a black background, suitable for use at night or in low-light areas. In addition, the dark mode turns the Twitter background color to dark blue, which is both not too dazzling and not too dark, quite interesting.

Because users often use Twitter at night, this mode will help users' eyes less strained and have a better sleep.

Note: You must update the Twitter app to the latest version.

Open the Twitter app on your phone > Click the Profile icon .

Tap Display or select Settings and privacy > Display > select the mode you want to apply to Twitter:

Now the screen will go dark and you can easily use Twitter at night. The Twitter interface when in 3 default modes, dim, turn off the corresponding lights will look like this:

If you don't want to use Night Mode on Twitter anymore, turn it off. You just need to follow the steps as above and finish by selecting the default mode.

The operation is also very simple, in the menu on the left hand side, you select More > Display or Settings and privacy > Display , then select the mode you want. Here you can also change the color for Twitter instead of the default blue color of this social network.

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