How to fix Samsung Internet browser freezes and crashes

Samsung Internet browser during use will also be frozen, browser errors lead to unsatisfactory use of the browser. This is a common error encountered in almost any browser. To fix Samsung Internet freezes and crashes when using, you can use some of the ways in the article below.

This is a very basic fix and is often used when fixing some basic browser errors, including the Samsung Internet browser error. Please update Samsung Internet to the latest version then restart the browser to use it.

After using the browser, it will save a lot of browsing data, slowing down the operation and use of the browser. In this case, try clearing the Samsung Internet cache.

We access the Applications section on the phone, then click on the Samsung Internet browser .

Next, the user will click on the Storage item to see the amount of space the application uses. In the application information interface, you will see information about the amount of data the browser has occupied. Here you click on the word Clear cache .

Then we restart the Samsung Internet application to use.

If the browser has not cleared the error, you can download and use the beta version with the same interface and features as the version installed on the phone.

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