How to flip images on iPhone

In addition to using more advanced image editing applications on iPhone, you can also immediately use the photo editor on iPhone, with some basic editing options such as flipping images on iPhone, for example. The photo editor on iPhone supports you to flip the image horizontally to change the image direction like a mirror. And if we don’t like it, we can completely return to the original original image. The following article will guide you to flip images on iPhone.

Step 1:

We first open the album on the phone and then click on the image you want to flip. At the image editing interface, click the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

holder How to flip images on iPhone

Step 2:

Switch to the image editing interface on iPhone, click on the image crop icon below the interface. Next in the image cropping interface, we will click on the mirror icon to flip the image.

Step 3:

Soon you will see the image flipped to the other side as shown below. If you like it, click the Done button to save this new image. We continue to edit images with tools available on iPhone. iPhone will save the new image, replacing the previous old photo

holder How to flip images on iPhone

Step 4:

If we want to return to the original image that has not been flipped , we click on that new image and then select Restore below. You are then asked if you are sure you want to restore the previous original image. Any editing options you have applied on your phone to the image will all be erased.

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holder How to flip images on iPhone

If you accept, then click Restore original to change back to the original old image without any edits.

Immediately after that, the image will return to the original direction before editing.