How to Look Around in the iPhone Maps app

The new Maps app on iOS 13 is given the ability to Look Around in Maps, Create a Map Collection, or Share ETA Estimated Arrival Time. In which the Look Around Map feature will provide more detail and realism about the cities that the user is looking for, beaches, parks or certain buildings. Accordingly, users will use the binoculars icon to see around the area in the city. The detailed image for that place is displayed right at the top of the interface with the most realistic image. The following article will guide you how to use the look around feature in iPhone Maps.

Step 1:

We access the Maps application on the iPhone and enter the search city . Currently, the look around feature only applies to cities in the US. Out the results of the city to search, click to access. We will then see the Look Around feature below.

Step 2:

The user zooms in on the map and will display the adjustment toolbar on the right edge of the screen. Tap the binoculars icon to look around the map. Then in the center of the map will display a group tube icon for you to move and see places in the city. We move left or right to move

At any place, the top will display the actual image of that place. The pictures are very detailed from the road to the house.

Step 3:

When we click on the image shown above , we will be moved to the front of that location. If you want to zoom in or out , open or pinch 2 fingers. In the image, there are also icons to enlarge or reduce the image to switch to full screen view.

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In full screen view, there is also a compass to navigate. To return to the main screen, press the word Done in the right corner.

With the new Look Around feature on the Maps app of iOS 13, users can see details of any place in the city where you are looking. The images are all taken in the most realistic way, which can be moved around thanks to 3D Touch.

Wishing you success!