How to remove Apple ID security key

The Apple ID security lock feature will enhance account protection from attacks and account hacks to steal personal information and data. When you want to log in to your Apple ID, you need to use the physical key you set up. In case you do not want to use the Apple ID security key to log into your account more easily, you can delete the Apple ID security key according to the article below.

Step 1:

First, click on your Apple ID account , then click on Password & Security .

Step 2:

Next we enter the password for your Apple ID account for us to access. Display the new interface, where users click on Security Keys to manage the security keys we have set up on the phone.

Now you will see the security key created for your Apple ID account. Click Remove All Keys to delete all created security keys or you can also delete a security key that you do not want to use.

holder How to remove Apple ID security key

In case you want to delete a certain key, click on that key and proceed to delete as usual.

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