How to resize Windows 11 Taskbar icons to 32×32

Windows 11 taskbar icons are displayed at 24×24 but are actually 32×32. This means icons are scaled down and can lead to blurry icons or other unpleasant images.

Let’s see how to resize these icons to their original 32×32 size on Windows through the following article!

At a high enough resolution, these thumbnail icons may appear blurry or jagged. While you can mitigate this problem by placing custom taskbar icons on Windows, you’re still limited to the predefined icon size requirements that Windows 11 has.

As such, the 32×32 icon will always be resized to 24×24 to appear on the taskbar. By permanently resizing these icons, you can eliminate blurring while retaining the original Windows 11 icons.

The easiest way to change the size of Windows 11 taskbar icons is to use a program called Windhawk.

Windhawk allows for a number of quality-of-life enhancements to Windows 11. To get started, visit the Windhawk website to download and install the program.

Once the installation is done, run the program and find the Explore button.

From here, search for the mod titled Taskbar height and icon size . Click here and press the Install button.

The installation process will take some time. Once done, you will see the Windhawk revision on the main screen of the application. You may not see the changes on your taskbar right away. If so, go ahead and restart Windows File Explorer or the entire operating system.

Windows users have been looking for ways to modify the Windows taskbar since the advent of Windows. This is just one of many small fixes that users can do if they notice something unsatisfactory.

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If blurry icons are something that has always bothered you, rest assured that you can now fix it easily.