How to see iPhone Emoji emoticons on Android

Everyone loves emoji emoticons! Emoji emoticons make the meaning of messages richer. But did you know the company that makes the phone uses different emoji versions? The emoji on your device may be different on the device of the person sending it.

Emojis have been standardized. The smiley face on one device will also be the smiley face on another device. However, you can’t know exactly what emoji emoji will look like on another device. Even a small change in facial expression can evoke a desired other emotional response. And with emojis, this difference can cause confusing situations.

holder How to see iPhone Emoji emoticons on Android
Emojis display differently across devices

If you have an Android phone and want to make sure that a message you send to an iPhone friend will display properly, you should use the iPhone emoji.

There are different ways to view iPhone emojis on Android phones. There are many ways that require rooting the phone. However, you can still do this without rooting your Android phone.

First, you need to note that Emoji Font 3 is not an official app that you can find in Google Play Store. Before downloading this app, you will need to open your phone’s settings menu and enable the Unknown Sources option. Refer to the article What is an APK file? How to download and install APK file? If you don’t know how to install it.

holder How to see iPhone Emoji emoticons on Android

After you have successfully downloaded and installed Emoji Font 3 on your phone, navigate to Settings/Settings -> Display/Display -> Font/Fonts . Select the iOS Emoji font from the list that appears. This setup step will be slightly different depending on the Android version, but it should basically be in the Display settings of the device.

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You should now be able to open your iPhone’s emoji emoji from the keyboard by clicking the icon at the bottom of the keyboard.

Overall, this is an alternative method for you to import iOS fonts right on your Android phone without having to root the device. It’s also the best way for you to view iPhone emojis on your Android phone without having to dig deep into the system.

However, it should also be noted that Emoji Font 3 may not be fully compatible with all Android versions. Also, the app will work best if you already have Gboard installed, although it will basically work with other keyboard apps as well.

If an iPhone user sends you emojis for sale, but all you see on your Android phone’s screen are error characters in the form of question marks or squares, chances are your operating system has obsolete and/or Unicode support is not the same. Unicode helps to translate emojis (and some other data) between different systems.

A simple method to avoid this problem is for you and both iPhone users to use the same chat or keyboard app. If you’re both using the same version of the app, you shouldn’t have any problems seeing each other’s emojis, even if one is on iOS and the other is on Android.

For example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are extremely popular online messaging apps among both iOS and Android users. If you’re worried about privacy or don’t want to be associated with Facebook, you can refer to safer alternatives like Telegram, Signal, Viber…

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holder How to see iPhone Emoji emoticons on Android

However, older Android systems, primarily Android 6.0 and earlier, may not support the new emojis. You may still have issues even if someone sends you newer Android emojis.

The final method is to use a keyboard app that supports the same emojis on the iPhone. Not only does this help you view iPhone emojis on your Android device, but it can also send compatible emojis to iPhone users. Everything works best if both people are using the same keyboard app.

holder How to see iPhone Emoji emoticons on Android

This approach sometimes doesn’t give you the exact same emojis as on iOS, but it’s basically quite similar.

Some of the most commonly used keyboard apps today include:

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