How to switch to desktop mode on mobile Safari browser

Safari is extremely well-reviewed and always optimized for mobile devices. However, not all websites are suitable for loading on Safari, there are still quite a few websites that are not compatible with this iOS browser or simply the website does not provide a mobile user experience. In these cases, Safari allows you to switch the view to the desktop version for easier work.

So how? Follow along with the tutorial of

Like some other features on iOS, Request Desktop Site on Safari is hidden, not available for you to use. With iOS 13, Apple changed the location of this option, making it a little easier to find. Note a bit that iPadOS 13 automatically loads websites according to the viewport of a computer screen, so you will not need to switch if you are on this new update.

Here Quantrimang will show you how to do it on iOS 12 and iOS 13.

Open the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad and load a web page. Next, touch and hold the Refresh button next to the URL bar.

In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, click Request Desktop Page.

The web page will reload and now you have the results and the web is displayed as a desktop.

To go back to the old mode, do the same with holding the Refresh button and select Request page for mobile.

With the iOS 13 update, Apple has made several important improvements in the Safari browser. While most of the improvements are most obvious in the browser on the iPad, iPhone users also get the advantage of easier access to the Safari Download Manager or some new features inside the preferences menu. edit web pages.

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Back to the article content, click the aA icon next to the URL bar to see a few new options in the menu. Next, click Request Desktop Page and you’re done.

Back to the mobile view, repeat the operation to switch back to the old view.

Simple as that. Let’s try it.