How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

The Calendar app on your iPhone is one of the best places to “offload” your storage. Since it comes pre-installed on your phone, you can get rid of Google’s own Calendar app. But what about all the carefully recorded events and schedules on your Google Calendar? Do not worry! You can quickly sync Google Calendar with your iPhone.

As another benefit, the iPhone’s Calendar also works seamlessly with other apps in iCloud. Thankfully, iPhone Calendar and Google Calendar don’t conflict with each other, so you can follow these steps to sync Google Calendar with the iPhone calendar app.

The process outlined below will be the same for any iOS device. Take out your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Go to the main screen and tap on Settings.

Step 2 : Scroll down the list and select Passwords & Accounts . Select Add Account at the bottom of the list.

Step 3 : iPhone will display a list of supported accounts. Select Google and you will be taken to the Google login page.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Step 4 : Enter your Google account email address and password. When done, click Next.

If you’ve already set up Face ID, signing in should be seamless.

If your Google account uses two-factor authentication, you’ll need to sign in to your Google account to be able to create an app password and set up the account on your iPhone. See Google’s app password help page if you need more information. Reference links:

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Step 5 : Now you will see 4 sliders to sync Mail, Calendars, Contacts and Notes . If you only want to sync calendars, turn off the other options and enable Calendars only.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Step 6 : Click Save to start syncing between Google Calendar and iPhone Calendar.

Keep in mind that some key Google Calendar features won’t work on iPhone Calendars:

Chances are you’ve separated your work and personal tasks with different Google accounts and thus different calendars. You can add as many Google calendars as you want to your iPhone. Go through the steps above for each Google account you want to use.

Having multiple calendars is a better option, rather than putting all your events and appointments in one place. And why don’t you use this option, when they are so easy to set up?

You can set one of your calendars as your default. Any events you add to your calendar using Siri or other apps will appear in your default calendar. To change the default calendar, do the following:

1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Default Calendar .

2. Select the calendar you want to use as the default calendar.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

You can now add multiple calendars to the iPhone Calendar app. Let’s see how to manage them easily in the next section.

Open the Calendar app on your iPhone. Tap Calendars at the bottom of the screen. You can see a list of all the Google calendars synced to your iPhone, including any private, public, and shared calendars associated with your Google account.

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When you’re syncing too many calendars with your iPhone, they can make your schedule look too busy. For example, a shared Google calendar may not be relevant to you.

There are 3 ways to manage multiple Google calendars using the iOS Calendar app.

In a Google Calendar account, any calendars that are in My calendars (on the left sidebar) will be synced with Birthdays sourced from your Contacts list. The shared schedule needs to be selected separately. To do so, do the following:

Step 1 : Sign in to your Google account and go to the Calendar sync page.

Step 2 : Uncheck the calendar you don’t want to sync.

Step 3 : In the lower right corner, click Save. Refresh your calendar.

Step 4 : Open the iPhone Calendar app and let it sync with Google Calendar.

You have to repeat the process every time a new Google calendar is shared with you.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

The calendar will sync in the background. But maybe you don’t want to see all of your calendars. You can temporarily hide some calendars with two steps:

Step 1 : Tap Calendars at the bottom of the iOS Calendar app.

Step 2 : Select the calendar you want to hide or show. Press Hide All or Show All to adjust them all at once.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

You’ll still get all notifications from your calendar if they’re set up. But you can only see the calendar when you unhide it.

You can assign different colors to each calendar to make them easier to identify. Remember that the events displayed in the List and Day views are color-matched to the calendar they came from.

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In the Calendars list, tap the circled red i next to the calendar you want to change. Select the default color to associate with the calendar in the next screen. Then tap Done at the top of the screen.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Synchronization between calendars works both ways. Add an event to the Calendar app on iPhone and it will immediately appear in the default Google Calendar. Any events added like this will remain in Google Calendar, even if you disconnect the two calendars in the future.

In the screenshot below, you can see that I added a task called Open Old House to my iPhone Calendar. It instantly syncs with the Google Calendar app on iOS and the web app.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

What if you want to add an event, but make it sync with another Google Calendar?

Step 1 : Tap the event or appointment.

Step 2 : In the Event Details screen (shown below), go to Google Calendar and tap to select another Calendar.

holder How to sync Google Calendar with iPhone

The event will sync with the Google Calendar you selected. This works even if you want to transfer events from one calendar to another that is connected to your iPhone.

The detailed instructions above can be a bit lengthy. But you’ll find that it only takes a few taps to sync your calendars in these two different ecosystems. They have a harmonious relationship and can help you stay organized, even if you use many different devices.

Of course, sometimes errors occur during syncing. If you find that Google Calendar is not syncing with iPhone, refer to the ways to fix Google Calendar not syncing with iPhone problem that has suggested.

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Hope you are succesful.