How to use Locket Widget for Android

The new Locket Widget app has an Android version after iOS users were able to use the Locket Widget on iPhone before. Basically, the interface to use Locket Widget for Android is still as simple as when you use it on iPhone, create widgets to instantly receive photos sent by friends on the phone screen. In addition, we can also text in the Locket Widget application. The following article guides you to use Locket Widget for Android.

Step 1:

First of all, download the Locket Widget application for Android phones according to the link below.

Step 2:

At the application interface, users click on the Set up my Locket button to proceed with setting up the application. Then the user enters the phone number to register for the Locket Widget account and then enters the verification code to continue.

Step 3:

Next, users need to allow the application to access the camera and phone contacts to connect with friends.

Continuing we will press the phone number that we want to connect with them on the Android Locket Widget . Click Add to add to the Locket Widget friends list. Up to 20 people can be added to the list.

holder How to use Locket Widget for Android

Step 4:

Now you can take pictures and send them to your friends . Now users can enter a message right in the photo to send to friends.

Then the user chooses to send to which account or send to everyone, and then click the send icon below.

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Step 5:

As a result, the opponent will receive your picture message. They just need to click to see photos and messages.

Step 6:

If someone sends you a picture message, we can filter it by clicking All Friends and then selecting the friend’s name.

Step 7:

In the application interface, click on the humanoid icon to switch to the setup interface for your personal account.

Step 8:

To create an off-screen Locket Widget widget with photos sent from friends, we press and hold on the application and then select Widgets . Long press on the widget and then move out the phone screen .

Step 9:

Now you adjust the Locket Widget widget displayed on the phone screen to your liking.

holder How to use Locket Widget for Android

Step 10:

We will see the screen capture displayed. When someone else sends you a photo, it will be immediately displayed in this Locket Widget utility and the name of the person who sent the photo.