How to view location history on iPhone

The location feature on the iPhone will help the device use the current location for applications that need to use the location, or this feature will also save the locations that we have passed to review when needed. set. That feature called Significant Locations is available on iPhone. This feature helps Apple improve location-related services. And this helps you to review the important positions that have passed. The following article will guide you how to view saved locations on iPhone.

Step 1:

At the interface on iPhone, click on Settings and then click on Privacy . Continue to click on Location Services .

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface, continue to click on System Services to see all settings on iPhone. In this interface, we click on the Important location item to see all the saved locations.

Step 3:

At the interface of the Important Locations section you will see all the places that we have ever visited. Each location traveled is listed in detail by time and date. So you will know clearly the place you went and the specific time for each of those places. From this interface we can also delete the location history that the iPhone has saved according to the instructions below.

Once deleted, there are no more locations.

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