'Huge' 6-speed Wi-Fi Internet package, optimized for Lien Quan Mobile and FIFA Online 4

FPT Telecom has just launched the F-Game Internet package, possessing a Wi-Fi 6 technology platform with a speed 2.8 times higher than Wi-Fi 5, helping to increase customer experience when playing games as well as reduce data loss. connection, reduce lag…

holder 'Huge' 6-speed Wi-Fi Internet package, optimized for Lien Quan Mobile and FIFA Online 4

According to FPT Telecom’s announcement, the F-Game package will help reduce latency by up to 16ms, reducing packet loss rate by up to 4 times when playing fighting games. With this package, users will experience theoretical Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps (download), but the actual capacity of the customer’s terminal or device using Internet access will determine the maximum download speed. .

In addition to possessing the Wi-Fi 6 technology platform, the F-Game package with a speed 2.8 times faster than Wi-Fi 5 also provides expanded coverage, helping to connect multiple devices at the same time while still maintaining speed. height, optimizing transmission stability when many people use it at the same time and saving energy for access devices.

F-Game package currently supports the experience of more than 50 popular games on the market today such as: Lien Quan Mobile, FIFA Online 4, Valorant, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,…. And currently FPT Telecom is still continuously Update new game titles to the F-Game package.

F-Game is compatible with many players’ devices such as Mobile, Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo,…

Free first month of use for customers who register for automatic fee deduction (*)

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