Instructions to schedule FaceTime on iPhone

One of the new features on FaceTime for the latest iOS upgrade is setting up FaceTime calls with friends or with certain groups. When you schedule a FaceTime call with someone, they will immediately receive a notification through the email address you enter. The following article will guide you to schedule FaceTime on iPhone.

Step 1:

On iPhone phones, users click on the FaceTime application to proceed with scheduling.

holder Instructions to schedule FaceTime on iPhone

Step 2:

Display the calendar interface on iPhone, click the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen. Next, we enter a title for the video call, then click Location or video call .

Step 3:

Now we click on the FaceTime application to schedule a call. You then choose the start and end time for the FaceTime video call to schedule it.

Step 4:

Switch to the new interface, you choose the type of Calendar as Work or another type if you want. If you use multiple emails, select the email you want to use and then select the content below.

Under Invitees , the user clicks on the contact you want to invite others to join the FaceTime call. Once set up, click Add to add the scheduled calendar.

Step 5:

After scheduling FaceTime, you’ll see the calendar in the interface. You click on the scheduled calendar in this interface. Switching to the new interface, users click on the Join button in the right corner.

Step 1:

You click on the Facebook calendar that you have set up and then click the Edit button in the top right corner. Then we enter the content of the FaceTime calendar that you want to change with the interface as shown.

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Step 2:

If you want to cancel the scheduled FaceTime , just click Delete event below.

holder Instructions to schedule FaceTime on iPhone