Invented a smart fabric that can be charged wirelessly and washed as usual

A team of engineers from Purdue University (USA) has just found a way to turn ordinary clothes into a kind of “smart garment device”. As revealed by the researchers, this garment can be charged completely wirelessly, and at the same time withstand the usual washing routine with the same frequency as the ordinary clothes we wear every day. .

A short video has also been released by the team on YouTube, giving interesting ideas about the potential uses of this particular fabric. For example, a glove made of this fabric could be integrated with microscopic, electrically sensitive LEDs that automatically light up when approaching a source of electrical leakage. This concept could pave the way for a smart protective clothing and product, with the ability to proactively warn the wearer early about possible safety hazards related to electricity.

In addition, thanks to recent remarkable improvements in micro-circuit manufacturing technology, researchers can integrate more types of health monitoring sensors right on clothes, forming smart sets. multi-use smart. The question is how to power these sensors.

To solve the problem, the team devised a way to use coils of wire made from silk that can both be integrated in the sensor and can be sewn directly into the fabric to harness energy. from WiFi as well as other types of radio waves in our surroundings as the power source for the sensor.

holder Invented a smart fabric that can be charged wirelessly and washed as usual

Talking about this unique idea, Associate Professor Ramses Martinez, a member of the Purdue University research team, believes that future smart apparel products will be completely able to connect and transmit information directly to electricity. users’ smartphones and computers. Combined with other types of smart wearable devices such as smartwatches, smartbands, etc., they can form a comprehensive health monitoring system for people.

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Besides, through the ability to track the wearer’s movement and posture, these clothes can even be used as a potential gaming accessory.

However, clothes will need to be washed, and the problem lies in the fact that electronics and water are inherently “incompatible”. To overcome this, engineers have developed an aerosol that uses hydrophobic molecules to make these clothes, or gloves, waterproof, as well as giving them a side effect. Another very useful is the ability to resist stains. In addition, the team also claims that this water-repellent coating will be very thin, helping the fibers to retain flexibility and ensure breathability.