Leaked photo of USB-C cable for new iPhone 15 series, quite similar to MacBook Air

iPhone 15 will be the first iPhone generation to be equipped with a USB-C connection standard with Thunderbolt support, allowing for higher and faster data transfer speeds. Of course, this is not a voluntary change of Apple, but a result of the request of the European Union (EU), but it is also a highlight that has received much attention from the Vietnamese community. use technology around the world.

Recently, a series of photos of the alleged USB-C cable of the new iPhone 15 series have been leaked on the internet, providing a relatively detailed look ahead of the official product launch event in September.

Leaker Majin Bu has shared images of a braided USB-C cable that could be released with the iPhone 15 series. It is easy to see that the USB-C cable for the new iPhone 15 models is a “parachute” direction. to durability, is firmly braided and comes in a variety of colors. This is not the first time Apple has used braided charging cables for its products, such as on the MacBook Air line. The durability of this cable will certainly be much better due to the traditional synthetic plastic coated wire, but the aesthetics will still depend on the “gut” of each person.

While all four iPhone 15 models will switch to USB-C ports, Majin Bu suspects that the phone-colored braided cable will be an exclusive addition to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models. This is because Apple is looking to create a more pronounced difference between the standard and Pro models in order to “legitimize” the difference in selling prices. Earlier it was also reported that Apple would increase the price of the iPhone 15 Pro models up to 0. The company may add new features to “justify” the price increase. This is completely understandable.

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Apple is said to be announcing new color options with the iPhone 15 Pro. So far, we have heard about the appearance of crimson and dark blue. The series of leaked images of the USB-C charging cable mentioned above show peach pink and light blue colors. This could be an indication that the cable belongs to the iPhone 15 series.