Livestream folding and unfolding Galaxy Z Flip5 continuously for 7 days and the end

Kuba Klawiter, a Polish YouTuber who livestreamed the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 repeatedly until it broke to test the durability of the two smartphones, is attracting the attention of the online community.

Kuba Klawiter started livestreaming from August 2 with the purpose of testing whether folding screen phones are as durable as manufacturers' ads.

According to manufacturers, their smartphones can be opened and closed about 400,000 times, through machine tests. However, Klawiter thinks that the human folding operation is not the same as the machine, so he wants to test it in real conditions to see how durable it is.

The device to measure the number of times is installed folded on the body. Two people will sit at the same time to open and fold continuously. Razr 40 Ultra began to have hinge problems, no longer smooth from the 40,000th fold onwards.

The test results are that Motorola's smartphone withstood 126,367 folds before the hinge broke. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip5 succumbed to 401,146 folds and opens.

To ensure continuous folding, volunteers will take turns opening and closing the machine continuously day and night. During each "shift change", the smartphone is checked to see if it still works properly by trying touch, playing games, using applications …

Galaxy Z Flip5 is equipped with a new hinge mechanism called Flex with a double slide to help disperse external forces on the device, allowing 40% less folds and increased durability.

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