Meta is rehiring thousands of over 20,000 previously fired employees

Better business conditions have prompted Facebook’s parent company to re-hire former employees out of more than 20,000 previously laid off employees. Any employee who has been fired by Mark Zuckerberg since November 2022 can apply for positions through the old network.

holder Meta is rehiring thousands of over 20,000 previously fired employees

As of May 2023, Meta has repeatedly laid off employees, about 25% of its workforce. However, since June, thanks to better business results and increased investor confidence in Facebook, many old people have been re-hired.

According to BI, Meta’s ad businesses are improving markedly thanks to the acquisition of more users and the launch of Threads while Twitter’s rival is facing many difficulties.

The company is limited to calling back for managers, Meta’s re-vacancy positions have clear jobs including software and hardware engineers, jobs related to technical infrastructure, data centers, etc. materials and virtual reality glasses… This shows that Meta is trying to streamline the apparatus and limit the situation of sitting idle and earning a salary.

Facebook has re-hired, but still only targets former employees with experience rather than interns or fresh graduates. Of course, those who are called back will still go through the full interview process as usual and the salary in the new position will no longer be the same as the previous employees.

An unnamed former employee said that he accepted to return to Meta to work at his old position with a 10% reduction in salary compared to before. He hopes that when Meta’s stock price is still going up and the business situation is optimistic again, employees will be rewarded.

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Meanwhile, some other former employees, because of a lower salary than before or have new career plans, have refused to return to Mark Zuckerberg.